November Thankfulness…a start

First post of November…and its November 11th…

I was going to spend the month of November writing about things I’m thankful for.

Then my Oma got worse.

My car died.


And I found it hard to be thankful.

But today, I’m going to try again.

Today I am thankful for tea.

I’m thankful for friends helping me learn the importance of taking a break with a cup of tea.

Of the process of making, steeping, and drink it, which takes longer than you’d think, but is worth it.

I’m thankful for flavors and thankful for the accessories and the peace sitting down and making a cup affords you.

I’m thankful for lots of big things, of friends, and love, and family.

But today, I’m thankful for the peace that I find in a steaming cup that is fragrant with fruit and herbs.

It is small.  But today its enough.



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