Fear the Fifth: SURPRISE!


-Me, age 8-15

When I was growing up, my brother discovered is favorite way to freak me out was to jump out and surprise me. To this day, I hate jump scares, can’t handle horror movies, and am a general scaredy cat.


In the house we grew up in, our basement stairs ended with a landing that, if you turned to the left, you entered the finished part of the basement, and if you turned to the right, there was a small piece of wall that was JUST big enough for a little brother to hide behind.

And the light switch for the basement had a terrible habit of sometimes working…and sometimes not.

So I’d run down the stairs and I’d hit the landing and he’d jump up at me, I’d scream, and he’d be thrilled.

He’s a jerk.

Most little brothers are.

Oddly enough, though, I really like good surprises, presents especially.  If I get a great surprise, I’m a happy camper.

Moral of the story: The opposite side of what you fear may also be something you love.



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