Fear the Second: The Bottom of the Sink

*watching Supernatural as yet, another person is pulled into a sink or murky bathtub*

“What does Supernatural have against sinks?!”


I suppose this idea feeds into “fear of the unknown…but don’t you just hate having to reach into the bottom of a sink after you’ve finished doing dishes?  The water is grey and murkey, you can’t see what’s at the bottom and you’re feeling around blindly to find the plug and, through your mind, you wonder “Will I feel anything else in the bottom of this sink?”

And it doesn’t make any sense, the water was clear no more than 10-15 minutes ago, all the dishes are out…and yet…

It could be gross food pieces.

It could be a knife, hiding and waiting for a moment to slice your fingers.

It could be a hand, coming up through the pipe.

Which, of course, couldn’t possibly happen.  Nothing can fit there, nothing can grab you through the drain.

And yet…

You’ll pause, reaching your hand down.  Because you can’t see what’s there, and all you can do…

…is touch it.



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