Day 18: What bwings us togwether this weekend

Wove, twue wove.

-The Princess Bride

This weekend I will be attending the wedding of the younger sister of one of my high school besties.  This is also the weekend of my second wedding anniversary.

Really, this weekend…things are going to be alright.  I’m focusing on celebrating this joyful occasion and remembering my own.  Oh yeah…this might have helped a little:



I was NOT expecting something like this.  I’d gotten him a life counter ring for playing nerd games…this is a lovely sapphire and tiny diamond necklace.  I’m feeling pretty lucky and happy and thankful and surprised right now.  He said “I know shiny things cheer you up, I figured this would help.”

Oh honey, you are right.

I’m going to try really hard to update tomorrow night and Saturday but since I’ll be out of town, I may just have to do a big post Sunday night.  We’ll see.  Gonna get my 30 minutes and more of working out dancing the night away!

Physical Health:

Hours of Sleep: 7.5 hours.

Exercise: Had another house showing today (hooray!) so I mowed the lawn and cleaned up outside for awhile…lifting that lawnmower is hard work!

Breakfast: apple, babybel mini cheese, almonds


Cleaning or Packing?: House showing today, spot cleaned when I got home in addition to lawn mowing…should have cleaned out my car.  Ran out of time.  So I know what I’m doing after work tomorrow!

Made my bed?:  Bed made beautifully for the house showing.

Read 1 book a week: Four Letter Word by Joshua Knelman & Rosalind Porter.  Ahhh, love.


“Beauty: “You called me beautiful last night.”
Beast: “You do not believe me then?”
Beauty: “Well – no. Any number of mirrors have told me otherwise.”
Beast: “You will find no mirrors here, for I cannot bear them: nor any quiet water in ponds. And since I am the only one who sees you, why are you not then beautiful?”
— Robin McKinley Beauty 

No one’s sweetheart is ugly.

– Old Saying

I am loved.  And that makes me beautiful.  It doesn’t take necklaces.  It doesn’t take anything else.  Love makes you beautiful, inside and out.



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