Day 13: Social Chair’s Day Off

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”
― Rosa Luxemburg

This afternoon I Iet the dog out on his lead to run around outside.  He likes to chase bees because he is a dog and doesn’t understand that, yes, someday one will sting him and he will find out he really does not care for bees.

I wandered around the front of the house, grabbed the mail, and called him to go back inside.  He ran in.

His chain had broken in half and he ran all the way inside to the kitchen.

I had two thoughts:

1. Thank goodness he didn’t try to run away, last thing I wanted was to chase him through the neighborhood.

2. He didn’t notice that he was free.

I guess sometimes we don’t even know we’re being held back by something until, suddenly, its not there any more.

And even then…we may not press beyond our safe boundaries because we don’t know its safe to try.

Physical Health:

Hours of Sleep: 9.5 hours. I love Saturdays.

Exercise: Attacked the garden again, walked around the mall and tried on clothes (and if you don’t think that’s a work out, you sir, are wrong, and get out.), went to the baseball game and walked all over the stadium.

Breakfast: potato, red pepper, onion, and tomato scramble.


Cleaning or Packing?: Clean all the things!  …and then the showing was rescheduled for tomorrow.  Meh, its mostly done then.

Made my bed?:  Made all THREE beds in the house.  See also: house showing.

Read 1 book a week: Its Saturday.  I lazed around and read three terrible(awesome) trashy romance novels.


What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Robert H. Schuller


If you get to the edge of your comfort zone, turn around and look behind you.  You may find that whatever has been holding you back…is gone.



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