Day 6: Too much fun

But actually, it’s a little rare, to find someone who loves you so much that he just loves to talk, talk, talk with you for hours. 

This Person Who Gives Advice (I really liked the above quote)

Today is so great that, really, I’m still living it and I’m not ready to finish it out.  Some days start out the way you expect, some day…some days end the way you expect and sometimes…sometimes they’re just so much better than you could have hoped.  Sometimes you’ll hear things or experience things that, once having them, go into that little box everyone keeps in their heart.  And you’ll save those things there, for the day you need them most.  When really, you should take those things and wallpaper your walls with them and sing them from the rooftops.

Today…today was so much different than I expected.  And in the end, so much more.

Today’s Progress

Physical Health:

Hours of Sleep: 7 hours (up too early for fun Chicago adventures)

Exercise: Walked ALL the places.  All day.  Checked out The Art Institute in Chicago, and it was glorious

Breakfast: This frittata.  It was amazing.  Thanks best friend ever.

Glorious, I tell you.  Glorious.

Glorious, I tell you. Glorious.

Drinks: 3 glasses of wine

Life Health 

Cleaning or Packing?: Totally didn’t get 30 min in today.  Straightened some stuff up, washed some dishes…helped clean up a little when visiting a friends (I rinsed a cup and wiped a table) So I’m counting it as a success for making a good habit.

Made my bed?: Still did it.

Spiritual Health: I’m playing for church tomorrow.

Read 1 book a week: Can’t wait to start The Illumination by Kevin Brockmeier. 


“The door burst open. Murphy came through it, her eyes living flames of azure blue, her hair a golden coronet around her. She held a blazing sword in her hand and she shone so bright and beautiful and terrifying in her anger that it was hard to see. The Sight, I realized, dimly. I was seeing her for who she was.”

-Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files (It made sense because I was in Chicago.  And sometimes you just want to identify with an ass-kicking angel)



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