It begins.

I am well pleased with the events of the day and have celebrated with a handful of blackberries and the rest of the pork pie from supper.  As I eat, I shall recount the day so as to relive the pleasure.

-Catherine, in Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman

When I was in grade school we had a yearly forensics competition.  Its where I got bit by the acting bug.  I always performed something memorized and my best performance came from the book listed above.  Its a story about a young medieval girl who starts a journal to try and stay out of trouble, but it ends up being a sort of “slice of medieval life” book.  The quote is from my favorite section where she is supposed to meet some fancy suitor and scares him away by rolling in mud and pretending to be the most obnoxious peasant on earth.  Its awesome.  But whenever I have a day that turns out well I always think “I am well pleased with the events of the day…”

Instead of blackberries and pork pie I have a cup of a lovely berry tea and a red velvet cupcake.  Let me recount the challenge process for you, shall I?  

Physical Health:

Hours of Sleep: 9 hours

Exercise: 45 minutes walk, actually.  I ended up deciding to go on a mini-adventure and check out the old cemetery near my house.  It was peaceful, quiet, and a nice place to go and think for awhile.

Old Cemetery near my house

Old Cemetery near my house (there’s just something about cemeteries that I feel they should be in black and white for photos)

Breakfast: 2 eggs with fresh pico de gallo and a lovely peach

Drinks: 0!

Life Health 

Savings: Didn’t get paid this week. Le sad.  Check back in on Friday!

Cleaning or Packing?: Brought in 2 boxes from the garage, stripped both beds, made one, waiting for the other’s sheets to dry, I’m at 30 minutes, but I kind of want to watch some Dr. Who tonight so I may also pack a box while I’m doing that.  We’ll see how ambitious I am after rehearsal.

Update: Totally tired after rehearsal AND my husband has claimed the TV.  I’m blogging and then taking a bubble bath instead.

Made my bed?: See above!

Spiritual Health: Practicing at Church tonight for service next Sunday. Had a random dream about a friend’s dad stealing communion wafers and eating them like popcorn.  I’m counting that as spiritual.

Read 1 book a week: Reading “The Girl with All the Gifts” by M.R. Carey

Journal entry: HERE I AM!

Things I Learned This Weekend/Today

I feel as I come across new things I’m trying, learning, etc. they’ll get their own subsection.

1. I’ve always made my tea and then poured my honey into when I was done.  One of my friends poured his honey on the bottom first THEN added hot water.  So now I tried it.  This is a superior method of honey consumption, folks.  

2. In order to make it easier to grab healthy breakfasts and make healthy lunches I pre-made some things for the week. (SensibleSpoonful’s suggestion.) This works out extra great because one of my coworkers wants to do this part of my challenge with me.  So we’re splitting the work and supplies, I’m making the protein and she’s bringing the fixin’ for salads and such.  Today I made Lemon Chicken Breasts with meyer lemons and Mini Kitchen Sink Frittatas.  Taste tested…TOTALLY approved.

Meyer Lemon Chicken Breasts

Meyer Lemon Chicken Breasts

Delicious Paleo Egg Frittatas!

Delicious Paleo Egg Frittatas!


This is one of those weekends I really wanted to go up to everyone and be like, “Good talk, guys, I feel like we really accomplished something there.”  

As this project has prompted a lot of introspection, naturally, some of us sat around trying to figure out what Hogwarts house we’d be in. (Yes, we’re in our 30’s.  Yes, we took this VERY seriously.  Yes, its pretty awesome, thanks).  I always outwardly very much felt Gryffindor and yet every single one of my friends, when it came to my turn, without hesitation said “Slytherin.” 

And at first I was a bit taken a back.  One of my friends said “First off, aside from Harry, the Gryffindors are all kind of jerk jocks.  Secondly, you’re sly, you’re calculating, you plan.”

Totally could not get past that.  

So I kept talking about it and another friend very much said “Why don’t you think Slytherin?” And I started mumbling about all the negative connotations and he says “But you’re going to do whatever you can for your friends.  You’ll destroy your enemies utterly, but your cunning is only for good.”

So now I’m ok with it and I’m currently trying to find Rosetta Stone: Parseltongue. (update: In searching to make sure I spelled that correctly I found this gem.  You’re welcome.)


Conversation with one of the circle of nerds:

“Also, when I think about you and routine now I can’t stop thinking about the Dr. Who quote from the first new episode “Door?  Boring!  Not me.” *the doctor opens a nearby window, jumping from it* “MEEEE!!!”…I thought the “I’m getting where I’m supposed to go but I’m going to do it my own crazy awesome way sentiment was very you.”

I’m absolutely ok with being a parseltongue Time Lord who uses windows instead of doors.  I’ll get to the goal in the end…but it’ll be very interesting on the way down.

There may also be snakes.


P.S. Still can’t spell “exercise” without copying and pasting but was able to spell Gryffindor, Slytherin, AND Parseltongue correctly on the first try.  My priorities are very clear.


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