The Challenge Begins: Preview Post

An auspicious beginning…with me sleeping in til 9:30.  That was glorious.  I love sleep.  Even when the dog is all “I’m going to pretend I’m snuggling but really, I’m just here to annoy you til you get out of bed and play with me.”

At which point I put a pillow on my head and pretended I was dead until he went away.

There will be a post with pictures of the food I’ve prepared in anticipation of being healthy this week but I’m still waiting for my breakfast egg cups to be done.  While they cook, here’s today’s progress so far:

Physical Health:

Hours of Sleep: 9 hours

Exercise: To Do yet

Breakfast: 2 eggs with fresh pico de gallo and a lovely peach

Drinks: 0!

Life Health 

Savings: Didn’t get paid this week 😥  le sad.  Check back in on Friday!

Cleaning or Packing?: Brought in 2 boxes from the garage, stripped both beds, made one, waiting for the other’s sheets to dry, I’m at 30 minutes, but I kind of want to watch some Dr. Who tonight so I may also pack a box while I’m doing that.  We’ll see how ambitious I am after rehearsal.

Made my bed?: See above!

Spiritual Health: Practicing at Church tonight for service next Sunday. Had a random dream about a friend’s dad stealing communion wafers and eating them like popcorn.  I’m counting that as spiritual.

Read 1 book a week: Choosing a book by the end of today, will post later.

Journal entry: HERE I AM!

To Do:

 30 minutes of exercise (HA!  Got it right!)

Choose this week’s book

Finish this week’s breakfast prep

post pictures.

Stay Tuned!



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