Make Good Choices!

So one of my lovely coworkers tells everyone when they leave for the weekend “Make Good Choices!”

Which, after LAST weekend is something I am taking to heart, let me tell you!

I’m almost done for the day and the week and ready to take on the weekend.  I’ve also made my super awesome “Clean All the Things” playlist that is approximate 30 minutes long so its perfect.  Without further ado:

Clean ALL the Things

Die Young – Ke$ha
Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
I’ve Got a Dream – Tangled Soundtrack
Wake Me Up – Avicii
Skullcrusher Mountain – Jonathan Coultan
I wanna Get Better – Bleachers
Everything is  Awesome – Lego Movie Soundtrack
Happy – Pharrell WIlliams
Like a River Runs – Bleachers
I Want You Back – Jackson 5
Hope you have a lovely weekend.  Challenge starts Monday!
P.S. Make good choices!

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