I have never been someone who cares for a routine.  I always thought they were, for lack of a better word and at risk of insulting the people who read this, boring.  I’m a free spirit!  I’m gonna go do what I want!  


I plan my weekends like a crazy person.  I’m the official/unofficial “social chair” for my group of friends.  

So somewhere…I am capable of organization and planning. 

I thought to give a baseline to make where I’m going make more sense, I thought I should start with where I am.  My current daily routine:

6:00-Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze

6:05-Alarm goes off.  Actually get up

6:08-In the shower

6:18-Out of the shower, dressed and attempting to blow dry my hair in the kitchen because our circuit breaker doesn’t think the computer, TV, AND my blowdryer can all run at once 

6:29-Blowdrying complete, throwing on make-up

6:35-6:40ish Out the door

7 arrive at work

7:15 hummus and veggies or crackers and a tiny babybel cheese for breakfast…

Post work

4:20ish arrive home, feed and walk dog

4:30 collapse in heap on couch til husband returns at 5:30

and THERE is the hour I intend to get stuff done during.  But that’s where motivation will be hard. At the end of the day, I’m super over EVERYTHING.  And in the morning, I promise you there is no way I can get moving earlier than 6.  Believe me, I’ve tried.  

In the past, I know that if I stop moving after work, that is when I crash and get nothing done.  So I’m thinking that I’ll set an alarm in my phone for 4:30, something loud and obnoxious, and I’m off to the races to do my 30 min of cleaning and keep it part of my “work” day.  

This is the initial plan.  We’ll see how that goes.

What’s been fantastic is the outpouring of love and advice for this concept.  I told one of my coworkers and now she’s going to join me for making sure I have good breakfasts and lunch because that’s something she’d like to do more of.  Another friend is interested in going for more walks.  

Someone brought up that this is a lot to take on for one challenge, why not only do one aspect of it?  My thought is some of what I’ve listed, I’m kind of doing already, I just need to commit to it.  I usually DO get 7-8 hours of sleep a night (oh sleep, I love you sleep, I’ll never doubt you…) and I’ve already changed my habit from skipping breakfast entirely to actually EATING a breakfast of some kind, so making it healthier is the next logical step.  

Also, by doing a lot, even if I fail in one aspect of it, I’ll do well in the others and it’ll still be a positive outcome.  In addition, by not having a goal of “such and such many calories a day” or “lose this many pounds” and more “How did doing this make you feel?” It takes a quantitative pressure off and, instead, focuses more on the mental game and feeling better and more in control.

Stay tuned for my Clean ALL the Things playlist and additional plans for organizing the challenge!



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