Holy Feedback Batman!

Well, as this has prompted MUCH discussion from all of my friends this is clearly:

1. An excellent decision

2. An excellent talking point

3. An excellent reason to learn how to spell

(I still don’t actually know how to spell “exercise” no matter HOW hard I try (in typing this I spelled it wrong for different ways til I went back to the email where sensiblespoonful said “Darling, you can’t spell “exercise.”…so I just keep copying and pasting it from there and hoping for the best.)

With their permission, I’ll also be quoting members of my Council of Nerds (aka, my friends) when they say something interesting or useful.  They’re all better organized than me.  I’m pretty sure everyone is better organized than me.

Except my calendar.  I could tell you of my beautiful color-coordination for hours.

What’s great is they’re going to hold me accountable.  Or just hold me.  I think it’ll depend on how the cleaning goes (remember, don’t mix bleach and ammonia, kids! ;))

Tonight’s mini goal: Use my brand new “Clean All the Things” mix and clean out the fridge in time for garbage day.  Gotta start small before the official challenge.  

My body…is ready.



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