Happy Birthday…and the aftermath

Did you ever have one of those birthdays where you wake up the next day and go “Well.  That was a mistake.”?

I sure did.

And, since I’m the reflective sort I decided, you know what? Let’s make this an opportunity.  Let’s make this a fresh start.  Let’s make this the time that I say “You know what? I can do anything for a month.”  (That’s a positive spirit for you!)

So I will.

When I was in college I was known for being…something of a mess when it came to keeping my room clean.  As I’m also stubborn and like a challenge, my friends told me if I could keep my dorm room clean for an entire month I would get a pint of Ice cream.  From each of them.

I had enough friends and was a hungry college student that this seemed like a genius idea.  If I lost, I had to treat them all to ice cream, if I won, pints of the finest Ben and Jerry’s Karmal Sutra were ALLLLLLLL mine.

And it sucked.  It TOTALLY sucked.  It ended up being the heaviest load of credits for a semester I had in my entire college career, I was in a demanding musical, and missing my roommate who was serving in the military.  Some mornings all I did was stomp around being rage filled at making my bed.

But I won.

And the Karmal Sutra ice cream was glorious.  Oh was it glorious.  Victory never tasted so sweet.

Back to the point.  I’ve decided that, for the month of September I’m going to live the way…you’re supposed to.  Because it turns out, living dangerously is surprisingly easy.  So let’s try something new.  Let’s try doing things the right way.  Below will be my guidelines for my challenge, any suggestions for sleep, exercise, etc are taken from my doctor or reputable sources.

Suggestions?  I’ll take ’em!  Rewards and challenges?  Send ’em my way.  Want to join me?  I don’t mind company!  But I’m doing this for me…because I’ve never done it before.

And nothing is more dangerous than a challenge.

Without further ado, The Rules:

For the Month of September, starting September 1:

Physical Health:

7-8 Hours of Sleep a night

30 minutes of exercise in addition to walking around and doing what I normally do a day

Real, healthy, breakfast (involving a fruit and a protein)

No more than a drink a day or 4 drinks from Fri-Sunday (Thank you Birthday Lesson)

Life Health (or whatever…there’s a better term, I’m sure):

10 % of any money I get (including gifts) into savings

30 minutes of cleaning or packing (I’m moving.  This is a terrible decision.  But at least it’ll get done!) per day

Making my bed every morning Really…apparently its a thing.

Going to Church or spending time in Spiritual Contemplation or Devotion at least once a week

Read 1 book a week

Journal and record thoughts every day

Bank of Fun

I also decided that I need to build in a little forgiveness into this.  The way it worked for the Keep your Room Clean challenge was I needed to keep more door open any time I was there and not sleeping or changing AND at any time, one of my friends could ask for a room check.  But that meant if I was exhausted when I came home, I could leave my clothes on the floor overnight and I picked them up in the morning.

So I get:

5 Sleep in Days

5 Exercise Forgiveness Days

5 Eat Out Days

5 Fun purchases including e-books (because Kindle is a trap and I buy too many books and need to work through what I’ve got…hence the read at least 1 book a week)

So if you’re reading this, that means I like you, I thought you’d like to read about it, you’re generally good about being healthy and responsible or you’re just that awesome.  And if you found your way here through the dark and unholy reaches of the internet…welcome.  I hope you’ve brought some ice cream.



One thought on “Happy Birthday…and the aftermath

  1. Eeee cool cool I love it!

    So. “Suggestions? I’ll take ‘em!”???

    Jenny’s prolly got much more and better stuff to add, and God knows ain’t nothing I can say that isn’t better said by a quick Google search, but I will make these 3 quick suggestions:

    1) Chia seeds. (I’m sure there are loads of better references but I was too lazy to look.) Bottom line: They’re healthy, and actually pretty tasty. They taste… kinda like nuts? I eat them plain, or mixed in with smoothies and oatmeal and stuff. Mmm yum yum. Start price-shopping for ’em, though, ’cause they’re kinda $$$.

    2) Trim Healthy Mama. You don’t have to buy the book (though everyone I know who’s into it is INTO IT and loves it so I mean – if getting the book works for you then by all means get the book); you can find the basics of it online. Mostly I’d just say to Google or Pinterest search for recipes tagged “THM.” Some good stuff in there. Mom and I have tried some and liked them.

    3) OMG we bought a juicer! Oooh girl buy a juicer!!! The one we got isn’t super heavy duty unfortunately (a $50 Oster juicer from Target; bought it ’cause I had a big coupon and figured why not), but I’m FINALLY getting my daily recommended servings of veggies and it’s actually super delish in spite of being made of a GIANT BOWL of kale, spinach, celery, carrots, and beets. (I also use cucumbers, a small green apple, and a small lemon, so it’s actually really sweet. I’d drink it every day if I could.) There’s a lot of clean-up involved (what with all the veggie chopping, and all the parts of the juicer), but when you see how easy (and legit tasty, no joke) it is to eat all the veggies you’re supposed to eat when you do it this way – oh man. It’s awesome.

    In conclusion: Yay blog!


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